Coltsfoot's Blackberry Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


Nothing says ‘country’ like handpicked blackberries. Our semi-dry Blackberry Wine is tangy and robust with a smooth, unexpected tart finish. It’s perfect anytime or a great dinner wine with hamburgers, steaks, and lamb or pasta dishes.


Coltsfoot's Blueberry Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


Plump, juicy blueberries; you’ll taste your summertime memories with every sip. Our Blueberry Wine is fruity and spicy and long on blueberry flavor. The short finish allows for this wine to be enjoyed with your favorite lunch salad.


Coltsfoot's Cranberry Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


Cranberries are packed with a fun, crisp flavor. Our Cranberry Wine has a clean, crisp taste that is lightly sweet for a soft finish. This semi-dry delight makes a perfect dinner wine with your favorite white meats and a refreshing, chilled ‘porch wine.’


Coltsfoot's Elderberry Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


An old-fashioned favorite is becoming one of today’s most popular wines. Our bold, full-bodied Elderberry Wine has a long, vintage finish that makes for a wonderful ‘evening sipping wine.’ Enjoy this unique wine with barbeque, beef and pasta dishes or DARK CHOCOLATE!


Coltsfoot's Peach Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


One of summer’s favorite fruits is the sweet, juicy peach. Our lightly sweet Peach Wine is buttery smooth with a warm, lightly sweet finish. This ‘desert wine’ is a perfect compliment for afternoon and evening feasts.


Coltsfoot's Plum Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


Now you can enjoy this soft, juicy, delicate fruit in our handcrafted ‘country wine.’ Our Plum Wine is a lightly sweet, semi-dry with a refreshingly, crisp finish. You can pair this pleasant wine with fish, pork, poultry and lamb dishes or as an afternoon delight.


Coltsfoot's Strawberry Wine

$13.00 (750 ml) & $8.50 (375 ml)


Enjoy that ‘springtime’ sweetness all year long with our fruity-sweet and zesty Strawberry Wine. Its long, aromatic bouquet and clean, crisp finish can be lusciously paired with dark chocolate and New York style cheesecake or your favorite lunch salad topped with cheeses, nuts and STRAWBERRIES! 


Coltsfoot's Gift Sampler Box - $25.50 (3-375 mls)

Coltsfoot's Variety Sampler Box - $32.50 (4-375mls)

Our Coltsfoot Samplers provide the perfect opportunity to try several of our handcrafted county wines. Just design your own handsomely packaged wine sampler from any three or four of our country wines to help make gift giving easy, enjoyable and sure to make an impression.


Our country wines are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.